Liturgy of the World

Updated: Oct 19, 2020

The new Religion is upon us. She is the glistening new common faith with adherents from all backgrounds, including former Catholics and Protestants, Muslims, Mormons and every other expression of faith. This new common faith embraces all things except fidelity to Jesus Christ.

The priests of this new religion occupy every station in life and every profession. Her adherents are innumerable. These priests, or religious zealots, occupy the highest government offices the world over, their voices droning on our TV's and hand-held devices. They are Liberals and Conservatives and Socialists and anything in between.

They dominate our sports and entertainment, their constant preaching and innovations form a kind of Liturgy which expresses itself from the rising of the sun to its setting—East to West—until dawn comes to break the day and the whole thing begins anew.

To this religion and her priests, anything that reeks of the old Hebrew God is anathema. The proselytes of this faith assure us that Christianity is arcane and defunct, and we better not insist upon any of the tenets.

Saint Faustina had a striking vision once,

“One day, I saw two roads. One was broad, covered with sand and flowers, full of joy, music and all sorts of pleasures. People walked along it, dancing and enjoying themselves. They reached the end without realizing it. And at the end of the road there was a horrible precipice; that is, the abyss of hell. The souls fell blindly into it; as they walked, so they fell. And their number was so great that it was impossible to count them. And I saw the other road, or rather, a path, for it was narrow and strewn with thorns and rocks; and the people who walked along it had tears in their eyes, and all kinds of suffering befell them. Some fell down upon the rocks, but stood up immediately and went on. At the end of the road there was a magnificent garden filled with all sorts of happiness, and all these souls entered there. At the very first instant they forgot all their sufferings.”

Leave nothing to the imagination! This broad road is composed entirely of those adherents of the new common faith. The narrow to the few Jesus followers who remain.

This new common faith dangles a blasphemous and adulterated effigy of Our Lord to entice and lead astray the Christian stragglers. This fake Jesus says things like, “lay down all crosses and follow me, for whoever seeks to save his life shall do what feels good to him, and I am OK with whatever.” Or, “he who obeys my commandments is missing the mark for really, I have none.

Truth has been capsized by the rising tide of willful ignorance. Thank God she is unsinkable in reality. But for the time, at least, she may be lost at sea but not entirely lost.

For those few who remain in the Lords camp, who refuse to sing the hymns of the new religion, who refuse to chop and divide Christianity into a million fragments, stripped and boiled down to whatever is most comfortable, who affirm and believe that Jesus founded a church to which the gates of hell could not withstand....these remnant survivors must look to the hills. There is our help. With the enemies of the true religion surrounding all sides, their blades of calumny pressed against our necks, we may wonder “where is God?”

Let the men and women of the true faith see the mountainside, where chariots of fire encompass the hills (2 Kings 6:17). The Lord is with us, and he may not much longer be withheld by his mercy. For the adherents of the new world religion will soon call down their comets upon us. They will engulf the world in the flames of their hatred, their anger boiling over to destroy everything it can get its hands on. And God may allow it if we do not repent, because the vast majority of us will have freely chosen it.

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