Holy Stratagem! #2 Mental Prayer

He who neglects mental prayer needs no devil to carry him to hell. - St. Teresa of Avila

If you want to be holy and live a life dedicated unto God, you simply must talk to him. Look at the alienation between relations in the world today: the children alienated from parents, husbands alienated from wives, siblings maligned – all of this because they do not communicate with love one unto another. So it goes with God.

Speak to God from your heart. A good way to do this is to pick up the scripture. Kiss it with your mouth. Make the sign of the cross and recognize that you are in the presence of God almighty. Ask him to help you in your conversation with him – to remove every distraction and to blind the devil who is against you at every moment and wants you to do anything but pray.

Then read the words of God slowly. When something stands out to you, sit with it. Ask God what it means; what he might be saying to you. Then talk to him about it. Talk to him about everything. Your love, your gratitude, your weaknesses, your greatest longings. Dew will drip down from heaven and comfort your soul. But even if it does not, you have practiced the virtue of talking to God. Thank Him for your time together and ask Him to strengthen you with graces for the day and the ability to overcome, through His power alone, every sin and weakness. Ask your special saints for assistance. Heaven will respond to this effort with wonders.

This post is a part of a weekly series on the spiritual strategies given us by God to make us holy through: His sacred scripture, His Sacred Tradition or through His Holy Saints.

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