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Matthew Advent

Matthew Advent is a PhD student in philosophy at the Catholic University of America, with an MA from Florida State University and BA from Benedictine College. He is married and likes to be outside while puzzling over some of Aristotle's needlessly cryptic lines. Originally from Greenville, SC, he now resides in the endless suburbs of Washington, D.C..

Myriah Christine

Myriah Christine graduated from Franciscan University of Steubenville with a BA in Psychology. Soon after, she left her native Southern California home to marry a FUS alumnus, start a family, settle in Bayou Country with her Cajun husband, and begin a career homeschooling their ever-growing family. With seven children ranging from ages 21 – 2, her parenting experience is continually expanding.

Tamra Fromm

Tamra Fromm, Ph.D., is an instructor in Old Testament for the Catholic Biblical School of Michigan, adjunct faculty member at Sacred Heart Major Seminary (Detroit), and associate academic in the Bachelor of Divinity program at Maryvale Institute (Birmingham, UK). She is married and enjoys traveling, running, and entertaining (all with appropriate social distancing). She is awaiting the publication of her first manuscript on pre-evangelization of American young adult “native nones” through Wipf and Stock.

Charlie Johnson

Charlie is a mid-thirties guy who resides in sunny Florida with his small (but growing!) family. Charlie holds a B.A. in Religion and Apologetics and works in the financial services industry by day, writing about the Catholic Faith and Taming the Wild places in the human heart in his spare time. His writing has been featured in places like the Catholic StandSpiritualDirection.comCatholic Exchange, Catholic in Recovery and in print at Shalom Tidings. Charlie serves as the Managing Editor for Taming the Wilds and can be reached at

Kendel Jordan

Kendel Jordan is a Florida native with degrees in Theology and Psychology. She serves as a parish director of youth and young adult ministry and is currently learning how to navigate this role at a new parish and in a new town during the time of COVID. As if this wasn't exciting enough, she is also planning a wedding and rediscovering her love for writing. She always finds that God is writing a way more exciting adventure for her life than she could have ever written for herself. She is choosing to hope that this will all make for a cool saint bio one day. 

Noelle M.

Noelle is a cradle Catholic with a love for adoration and all things football (Roll Tide). She spends her days immersed in stories and air conditioning in an effort to survive the 9 month summer of the Deep South (so far, so good). A romantic at heart, she can occasionally (always) be coaxed into ballroom dancing. For more of Noelle M., visit her blog, or email her at

Elizabeth Skinner 

Elizabeth is a cradle Catholic, an English master’s student, a wife to a Catholic convert, a mother-to-be, and an office manager at a local university’s writing center. With all that, life is anything but boring for this Alabama native. She can be frequently caught sitting outside listening to the rain and thunder, writing fiction for fun, or reading her favorite fantasy author. She has a blog, but she has put it on hold for the moment while she finishes her master’s degree. 

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