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Reaching for Heaven: Some Thoughts on Prayer

Up until my senior year of college, the only type of prayer that really existed in my world was memorized prayer. 
It wasn’t a conscious decision. It just happened that whenever I thought of prayer, my mind would immediately go to the rote, structured prayers. The prayers I already knew how to say. The ones that have been used for centuries by countless people in all walks of life. The Hail Mary. The Our Father. The Rosary. The Chaplet of Divine Mercy. The Memorare. The Angelus. 
To put it bluntly, the prayers that I already knew worked.
With prayers like that in my repertoire, you’d think I’d be fine. But if I’m being honest, before my senior year of college, my prayer life was lackluster at best. And that’s probably being generous. Up until my senior year, my connection with God was almost nonexistent on my end. 
This is absolutely not saying that that had anything to do with those prayers. Again, they’re tried and true, and some came directly from the mouth of God. When the discip…