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Advent and Suffering: Finding God in the Cave

I do not usually associate Advent and suffering. I typically think of Advent as a time of joy, a celebration of Jesus coming to us in the manger, a celebration of new life and a precursor to lent, with nary a negative connotation. My wife was pregnant with our first son during the advent of two years ago. I recall her telling me how “real” it made Advent to her, then, life growing inside her; the expectation and hope of new life. This present Advent is a much different experience. Our second son was born just before Thanksgiving. Our hearts were bursting at the seams the moment we laid eyes on him. And with the birth of this precious little soul came some unexpected challenges, besides. My wife is recovering from a C-section and is unable to lift our 18-month-old son as she used to, something he does not understand. The week after getting home from the hospital, our oldest son got the croup. My wife was already suffering from a sinus infection that took root before our newest addition …