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How the Most Holy Rosary Can Kill Your Sin

It is when I bring to mind the reality of my own fallenness and the shackling weight of sin that I am reminded of a secret weapon – one given to us as a loving gift from God. It is an old and powerful weapon forged in the fire of prayer. This weapon is the most holy rosary of the Blessed Virgin Mary. This is the essential spiritual weapon of our time. The rosary is a weapon of heavens ilk. It is the loving gaze of Heaven’s fair Maiden and at once that great “destroyer of vice” and “defeater of heresies.” It is a sin-killer. It is the battle armor against hell and all its wicked forces. And it is the end and doom of our habitual sins. You Must Pray the Rosary Every Day How do I tap into this ancient power, you ask? Simple. Pray the rosary. Pray it every day! It will kill your sin because it will draw your gaze into the holy presence of Jesus where sin cannot maintain to dwell. A mind that is steeped in temptations is a mind quickly subdued by the beauties of God’s love. And the rosary is a…

St. Francis and the Wolf: Taming the Wilds

I first heard about St. Francis and the Wolf of Gubbio when I was in Italy with my wife and a guide was showing us the way through St. Mary of the Angels Monastery. She told us of the mean wolf that terrorized the small town of Gubbio and caused terror in the villagers. St. Francis, of course, full of spiritual power, confronted the wolf and tamed him. He made a pact with the wolf: the wolf would cease his reign of terror in exchange for the kind admittance and care of the town of Gubbio. 
The redemptive aspect of this legend was not lost on me. We are the wolf, or we are the villager, or sometimes we are both. But when we come into contact with God, real reform is possible - probable even.
This morning I read the words of Jesus, "whoever follows me will not walk in darkness, but will have the light of life." I can read those words no other way than as a promise. When we come into contact with God, healing follows. Often times it is slow, and we may feel as if we get lost a…

Acceptance and Spiritual Detachment in Recovery

The loneliness of Jesus on the cross is the best definition that I know of for Spiritual Detachment. Spiritual Detachment is the total negation of self. "All for you, God. Nothing but you, God." Do you see what manner of love gave himself up for our souls? When we are able to totally give of ourselves, no matter our wants, preferences, even our needs, we are becoming more fully human. The broken man counts up the cost before he gives his life away. Jesus does not. 
This does not mean we have no boundaries or that we never say "no".  But we may have to learn how to say "yes" in spite of our fears.
Jesus had boundaries, and he exercised wisdom in his interactions with others. And of course we know that he was wildly honest. We can learn to do this too. We can learn to rely only upon God for our well being and no earthly treasure, while at the same time laying down our lives for another.
We must not understand spiritual detachment to mean that we care for no…